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A STEM-focused program for 7th and 8th grade students.

Carver E&S is proud to announce a new Middle Years STEM program for 7th and 8th grade students.  The program will integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with the middle school curriculum.

Our program offers interested students the unique opportunity to join our school community early to enrich and deepen their STEM learning experience.  Students may accelerate into higher level classes in high school to create enhanced opportunities for internships and dual college enrollment options. In addition, students will be encouraged to participate in all Carver E&S student life activities.  

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Grade 7

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Digital Editing

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Grade 8

English/Lang. Arts

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Computer Science

Engineering Design

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             MS Debate Team Shines


Writing Awards

Congratulations to E&S 7th graders Tauron Bush and Sofie Budiarachman! They both recently won Scholastic Writing Awards for their creative writing.  Sofie won a silver key (awarded to only 9% of the regional submissions) for her short story "Through the Past" and Tauron won a gold key (awarded to only 6% of the regional submissions) for his poem "Through My Eyes."  Tauron's poem will go on to be judged nationally in New York City by renowned writers!

Congratulations to the Middle School Debate team!  

7th graders Shamiyah Boozer and Mariam Kamara are          

an undefeated team and E&S is representing well this     

season throughout the city. Keep up the good work     


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