Carver Engineering and Science

Summer Enrichment Program

Our Summer Enrichment Program is a requirement for all students.  The purpose of the program is to encourage students to read and reflect on various topics covered within their courses of learning. The program provides students with a carefully selected list of books in several subject areas with a variety of assessments.  These assignments are interesting, informative, engaging as well as challenging. The emphasis of the program is to to encourage students’ reading and writing across the curriculum.

English I Gr. 9 (due Sept. 11)

English II (due Sept. 11)

English III (due Sept. 11)

English IV (due Sept. 11)

AP English (due Sept. 18)

Senior Seminar (due Sept. 11)

From Print to Film (due Sept. 11)

World History Gr. 9 (due Sept. 5)

African American History (due Sept. 7)

United States History  (Optional)

Social Science (due Sept. 12 )

AP World History (due Sept. 5)

AP Psychology (due Sept .11)

AP Government and Politics (due Sept. 12)

AP U.S. History (due Sept. 7)

AP Microeconomics (due Sept. 12)

Biology  Gr. 9 (due Sept. 5)

Chemistry (due Sept. 5)

Physics (due Sept. 6)

AP Physics 1 (due Sept. 6)

AP Chemistry (due Sept. 5)

AP Environmental Science (due Sept. 5)

AP Biology  

Algebra I Gr. 9 (due Sept. 12)

Geometry (due Sept. 12)

Algebra II (due Sept. 12)

Calculus (due Sept. 12)

Precalculus (due Sept. 12)

AP AB Calculus (due Sept. 12)

AP BC Calculus (due Sept. 12)

AP Statistics (due Sept. 7)





Students should complete summer assignments

in alignment with their courses for next school year.


Grade 7 (due Sept. 7)

Grade 8 (due Sept. 7)