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Engineering Courses at HSES

Pathway to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering Design

Uses a design development process while enriching  

problem-solving skills; students create and analyze models using specialized computer software.

Principles of Engineering

Explores technology systems and manufacturing processes;addresses the social and political consequences of technological change.

Digital Electronics

Teaches applied logic through work with electronic 

circuitry, which students also construct and test for



Civil Engineering and Architecture

Introduces students to the interdependent fields of civil  engineering and architecture; students learn project planning, site planning, and building design.

Engineering Capstone

Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting

The Carver HSES community gathered on Sunday, June 22 for our Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The new Greenhouse was designed and built by the Engineering students of the Class of 2014.

MESA National Competition

June 21st in Portland, Oregon.

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Project Lead the Way

Igniting Imagination and Innovation through Learning

HSES a certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) School

Our engineering elective courses help students who are considering college majors in engineering

or engineering technology begin preparation for a pathway to an engineering career.  Our courses

offer activity, project, and problem-based learning as a supplement to students' core academics

of mathematics, science and english.  

As a certified PLTW school, students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the engineering courses taught by our faculty  (www.pltw.org).  Pennsylvania's Bureau of Career & Technical Education has approved our program for Engineering Technology.

Our school's partnership team, provides program direction and support including guest speakers, field trips, internship and mentor experiences for our students.

Faculty Contacts

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