Carver Engineering and Science

School Advisory Council

What is a SAC?

Peer elected collaborative team composed of majority (51%) family members, the school principal, teachers or other school based staff, students, and community members, which champions the work for improved student achievement, effective teaching in the classroom, parent and community engagement in the education process, and facilitates communication and support.

What is the purpose of our SAC?

•  Provide oversight and input to the annual school budget

•  Support Academic Achievement

•  Provide Strategic Planning for school programs and projects

•  Ensure that our actions reflect our school vision and mission

School District information about School Advisory Councils

Nominations being accepted:

Complete a Nomination Form and submit.

Carver E&S SAC

Robin Roberts, Facilitator

Chad Hughes, Organizer

Secretary TBD

SAC Meeting Schedule & Minutes



The purpose of the Carver Engineering & Science SAC is to develop youth leadership and promote community engagement to increase the impact of our educational programs and to increase the impact of our school community.