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All E&S athletes are required to submit a completed PIAA Physical Form.    


PIAA Physical Form


Varsity Basketball (Boys)

Coach C. Brown 

Girls Basketball (Girls)

Coach B. Bartkus

JV Basketball (Boys)

Coach K. Jones

Indoor Track (Coed)

Coach R. Womack 

Varsity Bowling (Coed)

Coach Siegel

Varsity Swimming (Coed)

Coach Beaton

Middle School

Girls Basketball


Boys Basketball



Varsity Soccer (Boys)

Coach Latchford

JV Soccer (Boys)

Coach Rivera

JV Soccer (Girls)

Coach Ciccarelli

Cross Country (Coed)

Coach R. Womack

Varsity Volleyball (Girls)

Coach Dougherty 

JV Volleyball (Girls)

Coach S. Hogan

Cheerleading (Coed)

Coach Franchetti

Varsity/JV Football (Boys)

Coach Pitzner

Middle School

Girls Volleyball

Coach A. Siegel

Coed Soccer



Varsity Baseball (Boys)

Coach C. Detaeye

Varsity Softball (Girls)

Coach J. Schreiber 

Varsity Volleyball (Boys)

Coach J. Dougherty  

JV Softball (Girls)

Coach B. Dutill

Outdoor Track (Coed)

Coach R. Womack 

Varsity Tennis (Coed)

Coach E. Repella

Middle School

Boys Volleyball

Coach B. Bartkus

Track & Field



E&S Swim Team at District Meet

E&S at District Swim Meet

Our Swim Team pulled off a first this past weekend. Competing against Public/Catholic League teams at the District Meet, E&S swimmers entered 7 events and placed in all of them.  Congratulations to all of our athletes. Here is a breakdown of the events:     

Boys Medley Relay: M. Zhong,

S. Hazzard, K. Deleon,

A. Muhammad - 5th Place

Girls 200 IM: B. Weeks - 3rd Place

Girls 50M Freestyle: A. Luckey - 5th Place

Boys 50M Freestyle: S. Hazzard - 4th Place

Boys 50M Freestyle: A. Muhammad - 6th Place

Girls 100yd Butterfly: B. Weeks - 2nd Place

Boys 100yd Butterfly: A. Muhammad - 2nd Place

Girls 100yd Freestyle: A. Luckey - 6th Place

Samir Thomas and E&S at Penn Relays

Details in the Phila. Tribune.  Here

Tehya Noell comes home to the Penn Relays

Read the full story of our E&S alum in the Phila. Tribune. Full Story

Charles M. Brown Jr. Athletic Academic Scholarship         Website     Flyer


Kenneth Bennett Jr.  #7

Recipient of the 2016-2017

Maxwell Club Award.

See Photo and Stats here.

Ms. Hogan  (12)  Website

Ms. Swift  (11)  Website

Ms. Giblin  (10)  Website

Ms. Bradley  (9) Website

Ms. Moore  (7/8)  Website